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2023 Dates

  • 4/2   (Sun) Joules @ George and Dragon 2-5pm

  • 4/7 (Fri) Joules @ Mugsys on Main 6-9pm

  • 4/9 (Sun) Joules @ Hunkerdown Hideaway 3-7pm

  • 4/15 (Sat) Joules @ BaliBar 7 - 10pm Tax Day Party!!

  • 4/21 (Fri) Joules @ Tiny Turtle 7-9 pm FRIDAY FEST!!!

  • 4/22 (Sat.) Joules @ Pier 220 6 - 10 pm

  • 4/28 (Fri) Joules@ Merritt Island Moose 5-9pm

  • 4/29 (Sat) Joules @ Meg O'Malleys 8:30 - 12:30 am

  • 5/6  (Sat) Joules @ Earl's Hideaway 8 - midnite

  • 5/7   (Sun)  Joules @ George and Dragon 2-5pm

  • 5/13 (Sat) Joules @ The Village Idiot 8-12

  • 5/14 (Sun) Joules @ Waldo's 1-4pm

  • 5/20 (Sat) Joules @ Pier 220 6-10pm,

  • 5/27 (Sat) Joules @ George and Dragon 7-11pm

  • 5/29 (Memorial Day) Joules @Earls's Hideaway  2-6pm

  • 6/10 (Sat) Joules @ Waldo's (The Driftwood)1-4pm

  • 6/11  (Sun) Joules @ George and Dragon 2-5 pm

  • 6/16 (Fri) Joules @ Island Time 5-9pm

  • 7/22 (Sat) Joules @ Pier 220 6-10pm

  • 8/06 (Sun) Joules @ George and Dragon 2-5pm

  • 8/19 (Sat) Joules @ Pier 220 6-10 pm

  • 8/20 (Sun) Joules @ Hunkerdown Hideaway 3-7pm

  • 8/25 (Fri) Joules @ Beach Shack 8-12

  • 8/26 (Sat) Joules @ Meg O'Malleys 8:30 - 12:30pm

  • 9/02 (Sat) Joules @ Hunkerdown Hideaway 7-11 pm

  • 9/03 (Sun) Joules @ George and Dragon 2-5pm

  • 9/9 (Sat) Joules @ The Village idiot 8 - Midnite

  • 9/23 (Sat) Joules @ Pier 220 6-10 pm

  • 10/07 (Sat) Joules @ Hunkerdown Hideaway 7-11 pm

  • 10/08 (Sun) Joules @ George and Dragon 2-5pm

  • 10/13 (Fri) Joules @ Cocoa Moose Lodge BIG Spooky Party

  • 10/20 ((Fri) Joules @ Meg O'Malleys 8:30-12:30pm

  • 10/21 (Sat) Joules @ Pier 220 6-10pm

  • 10/27 (Fri) Joules @ Sunset Grill 5-9 pm

  • 10/28 (Sat) @ Bugnuttys BIG HALLOWEEN PARTY 7-10

  • 11/03 (Fri) Joules @Cape Canaveral Friday Fest 6-10pm

  • 11/05 (Sun) Joules @George and Dragon 2-5pm

  • 11/11 Joules @ Cocoa Moose Lodge 5-9pm

  • 11/17 (Fri) Joules @ Meg O'Malleys 8:30-12:30pm

  • 11/18  (Sat) Joules @ Pier 220 5-9 pm

  • 12/03 (Sun) Joules @George and Dragon

  • 12/08 (Fri) Joules @ Area 142 6-10pm

  • 12/09 ((Sat) Joules @ Hunkerdown Hideaway 7-11 pm

  • 12/16 (Sat) Joules @ Pier 220 5-9pm

  • 12/23 (Sat) @ Bugnuttys CHRISTMAS EVE EVE PARTY!!

  • 12/29 (Fri) Joules @ Meg O'Malleys 8:30-12:30pm



Joules Rio, an energetic, unique pop/rock band featuring 4 talented, Cocoa Beach based musicians that are enchanting the Space Coast.

With 3 lead singers, this group plays a great mix of originals and cover songs that are guaranteed to make you happy while you bust a move.

Joules Rio is fronted by bass player/singer/song writer Julie Klein (the "Joules" in "Joules Rio"). This power pop group features guitarist/vocalist Wayne Lizardi, keyboard master, Tony Castro along with beat keeper Michael Elliott on the drums.  The group's vibrant grooves, catchy choruses and soulful vocals makes you want to stick around to hear more.

The band’s latest music video, "I LOVE MY BODY", features singing tikis, surfing bass players and animated underwater fish has already received 10,000 views on YouTube and 50,000 streams on Spotify and growing.

Be sure to check out their six full length, locally produced and filmed music videos at:



julie solo.jpg


Born and raised in the Artdeco, beachside urbane life of Miami Beach Florida.  Julie has been writing and performing since an early age.  She is a Berklee School of Music graduate (not to be held agianst her!).


Julie plays bass and sings lead vocals. She is the primary songwriter for the Joules Rio band. Julie now resides in the surfing town of Cocoa Beach where she performs with Joules Rio up and down the Space Coast, playing very cool and diverse cover tunes along with her super catchy original compositions. 

wayne solo (1).jpg


Hailing from his Puerto Rican birthplace roots, Wayne Lizardi found himself bound for New York City, moving there with his parents. At age 12 he formed his first band. 


Migrating southward again he landed in Cocoa Beach where he went to high school playing trombone and guitar for the school's Jazz/Rock band. Wayne was a guitar major at UCF and he seems to know every song ever written!


Our resident guitar wizard cites Jimmy Page, jimi Hendrix and Ingwie Malmsteen as some of his influences.


Michael is originally from Ft. Lauderdale Florida. He has been playing drums for 20+ years beginning at the young age of 12 .


His influences are diverse, running the gamut from Bikini Kill to Jeff Beck. Mike studied under Bernard Purdie, so it might get funky up in here! Did we say it may get PHUNKY??!!


He adds style and flair to Joules Rio with his unique and animated drumming skills.



Tony is a Washington, D.C. native . He has been passionate about the keyboards his entire life! He can play ANYTHING, from rock to folk to standards to jazz. 


Tony loves to entertain audiences and have a great time. His positive energy shines through with every note he plays and sings.


His influences include Lady Gaga, John Mayer,  Ed Sheeran, Dave Mathews as well as older classic rockers, The Cars, Pink Floyd and Foreigner.




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